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Student Quotes
"Hands down, the most valuable learning experience I could have hoped for as an aspiring writer."
- Lara Mitchell
 Police and Fire Dispatcher
"If you want to write romances, start here."
- Alice Gunther
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Romance Writing Resource List This list includes recommended books, periodicals, works, and web sites. You may wish to bookmark this page so you can easily return to it.

Early Classics
Austen, Jane
Heyer, Georgette
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Golden Age
Deveraux, Jude
Hodge, Jane Aiken
Holt, Victoria
Penman, Sharon Kay
Rogers, Rosemary
Stewart, Mary
Whitney, Phyllis
Woodiwiss, Kathleen
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Alexander, Victoria
Balogh, Mary
Barnett, Jill
Beverley, Jo
Burrowes, Grace
Cates, Kimberly
Chase, Loretta
Gabaldon, Diana
Hoyt, Elizabeth
Hunter, Jillian
Killion, Kimberly
Krahn, Bettina
Krentz, Jayne Ann
Michaels, Leigh
Putney, Mary Jo
Quick, Amanda
Quinn, Julia
Wolf, Joan
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Brockmann, Suzanne
Daly, Barbara
Denison, Janelle
Early, Margot
Fielding, Liz
Foster, Lori
Hannay, Barbara
Henderson, Dee
Leclaire, Day
Marton, Sandra
McAllister, Anne
McMahon, Barbara
Michaels, Leigh
Palmer, Diana
Sellers, Alexandra
Thompson, Vicki Lewis
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Women's Fiction
Binchy, Maeve
Bond, Stephanie
Brown, Sandra
Crusie, Jennifer
Graham, Heather
Hoag, Tami
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
Pilcher, Rosamund
Roberts, Nora
Wiggs, Susan
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Chick Lit
Giffin, Emily
Kinsella, Sophie
Weiner, Jennifer
Wickham, Madeleine
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Cole, Kresley
Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Love, Dianna
Showalter, Gena
Sparks, Kerralyn
Ward, J.R.
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Romantic Suspense
Brennan, Allison
Freethy, Barbara
Gerard, Cindy
Hoag, Tami
Howard, Linda
Miller, Linda Lael
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Gist, Deeanne
Goodnight, Linda
Perry, Marta
Rustand, Roxanne
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Romance Publishers
Ellora's Cave
New American Library
Red Sage
Simon & Schuster
St. Martin’s
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Magazine/Website - Literary Scene
Romance Divas
The Writer
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Brown, Renni and King, Dave. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
Gallagher, Rita and Estrada, Rita Clay. Writing Romances
Gotham Writers Workshop. Writing Fiction
King, Stephen. On Writing
Lamott, Anne. Bird by Bird
Lukeman, Noah. The First Five Pages
Lyon, Elizabeth. Manuscript Makeover
Michaels, Leigh. Creating Romantic Characters
Michaels, Leigh. On Writing Romance
Mittelmark, Howard and Newman, Sandra. How Not To Write a Novel
Roerden, Chris. Don't Sabotage Your Submission
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Agent Query
Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents
Literary Marketplace
Writer's Digest Market Books
Writer's Market
Writers' & Artists' Yearbook
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Romance Reference Books
Dixon, Jay. Romantic Fiction of Mills and Boon, 1909-1995
Johnson, Victoria M.. All I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Romance Novels
Krentz, Jayne Ann. Dangerous Men & Adventurous Women: Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance
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Association of Authors' Representatives
Romance Writers of America
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Harlequin Romance Authors
Market List
National Novel Writing Month
Romance Junkies
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General Resources
Link List
Gotham Reading/Resources Lists
New York Times Navigator
Ref Desk
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Encyclopedia Britannica
First Chapters
Google Earth
Google Maps
Library of Congress
National Geographic Atlas
Poets & Writers Tools for Writers
US Copyright Office
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American Heritage Dictionary
Associated Press Stylebook
Chicago Manual of Style
Merriam-Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus (online)
Oxford English Dictionary (2 volume)
Oxford English Dictionary (20 volume)
Oxford English Dictionary (online)
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Roget's II Thesaurus (alphabetized)
Roget's International Thesaurus (categorized)
Bryson, Bill. Bryson's Dictionary for Writers and Editors
Fogarty, Mignon. Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Strunk and White. Elements of Style
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